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The Range

Central Washington's Premier Indoor Shooting range, Training Facility and firearms retailer



The Range is Central Washington's premier indoor shooting facility. At 34,000 square feet The Range is an all inclusive facility offering  firearm training, firearm sales, gunsmithing, custom builds and Cerakote services under one roof. At The Range safety is our number one priority. With that in mind, we offer bullet proof shooting stalls and  employ NRA certified Range Safety Officers and boast an EPA-OSHA-NIOSH certified air system. For your convenience our Pro Shop is located inside our facility, so whether you are new to the shooting sports or are skilled shooter we ensure you will enjoy your experience at The Range.

We hope to see you at The Range!


Facility Features:

Training, Education and Events:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own gun or do I have to rent from you?

Absolutely, you can bring your own gun. Bring you gun's family and friends too.

Do I have to be a member to shoot at The Range?

Nope. Members do, however, get preference over non-members, access to other features of the facility, and invitations to special Member-only events.

Can I shoot my own ammunition?

Yes. The only ammunition we don't allow in The Range is Armor Piercing (AP or green-tipped), tracer (red tipped), or incendiary (fire-starting) rounds. If you rent a gun, you do need to use our ammunition **** SPECIAL RULES AS OF NOV. 2020: Because of ammo shortages, if you come in with factory new (not reloads or remanufactured) ammunition purchased elsewhere, you CAN use it in our rental guns.****

Can I shoot rifle, pistol, or what?

Our range is state-of-the-art, and the entire range is actually rated for a .50BMG. However, shooting one of those indoors is not a good idea, overpressure and concussion can cause bloody noses, cracked jaws, general misery and pain, and even the loss of your friends. Because of these (not very) scientific reasons, we cap rifles at .308win, except at the discretion of the Range Officer on duty.

What if I've never shot a gun before?

Several options:

1) You can call and schedule a 1 on 1 training session with a professional firearms instructor ($90 per hour, inclusive of everything except ammunition).

2) You can drop into The Range and rent a lane, then request a 20 minute "Mini Lesson" with our professional instructors ($30 in addition to your lane fee).  

3) Check the drop-down box under "Training" and sign up for a "Basic Handgun 1" class ($99).  

How long is your range?

33 yards.

What do I have to do to shoot at The Range?

You walk in, sign a little waiver and check some boxes, watch an ~8 minute safety video, and you'll be shooting in no time! Watch this video here to see it in action.

How much does it cost to shoot at The Range?

Non-Member Pricing:
Prices are for an entire day

$20     Lane Rental
$12     Additional Shooter (Same Lane)
$7      Junior Rate (Under 18 w/ Parent)

How easy is it to shoot at The Range?

A lot of people have been asking how they would go about shooting at The Range. Is it difficult? What do I need to bring? In response, we made this video.

We have everything someone would need to shoot if they had never been to a range before, or if you are an experienced shooter, bring your own gear! At a minimum, a shooter needs:

- A firearm
- Bullets
- Target
- Eye protection
- Ear protection

So, if you have all those things and just need a comfortable, world-class place to shoot, come on down! If you need any of those things, we have them available right here at The Range.

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