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Tactical Medical Intervention


This is the training curriculum that Law Enforcement officers around the world receive to deal with life and death situations on the street.  Students will gain knowledge and skills necessary to prevent the loss of their life or the life of another while in a tactical (armed) environment.  Injuries discussed will include gunshots, traumatic amputation, laceration and penetrating types of wounds.

WARNING: this course presents actual videos of combat casualties that may be disturbing to some.  The simulations will include the use of graphic simulated wounds. 

Students will be challenged to participate in training exercises that will be physically strenuous.  These exercises may include: lifting or dragging another adult, moving quickly.  Students that are physically restricted will be able to participate at a level their physical condition allows. 

Class requirements:

Class cost: $299

          (is NOT a class which membership benefits can be applied)


At the end of training, students will be able to purchase trauma kits at a reduced price.


Instructor: Nate Henyan.

   - Former United States Marine

   - Currently a Yakima Police Officer

   - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Tactical Medical Instructor

   - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Active Shooter Instructor

   - American Red Cross First Aid for Severe Trauma Instructor

   - Stop The Bleed Instructor


Upcoming Dates for Tactical Medical Intervention

January 29, 2022
Session Notes: 1PM to 7PM

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