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FREE Armed For the First Time

FREE armed for the first time

Join us for our free 2020 seminar series Armed for Good with May's free seminar featuring Armed For the First Time.  This seminar will discuss considerations and concerns including:

Washington state does not require any formal firearms training or concealed carry training in order to get your concealed carry pistol license.  Many individuals hold a CPL, have a firearm, but have never received any type of training.  Imagine if you were to get your driver's license without having to take Driver's Ed or passing a test.  How safe would you be?  This seminar will give you the tools you need to ensure you are a responsible and safe concealed carry license holder.

Space is limited.  Registration is required.

Upcoming Dates for FREE Armed For the First Time

May 29, 2020
Session Notes: 6-7:30pm FREE seminar

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