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September 05, 2018

Optics Class

This class is designed to give the shooter an introduction to basic rifle scope/optic nomenclature, operation and reticle usage.  With the myriad of choices available to the shooter within today's market and the technological advances of optics, these choices are often difficult and can lead to disappointment and damage to your pocketbook.  Learn how to make an educated decision on your purchase of an optic by understanding what features you need, and which you don't need. 


Scope mounting and leveling

Optic nomenclature (what are all those dials and clicking sounds?)

Minutes of Angle and Milradians explained

How to use your reticles

How to range estimate using the MOA and Mil reticle

First and Second focal planes

Crash course in Optics 101, what to look for in lens clarity


Sept 5 & 6 6-8:30pm

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, this class is full and enrollment is now closed

Basic Handgun Practice


Have you taken our one of our basic handgun classes?   General Concealed Carry, Women's Concealed Carry, or Basic Handgun 1?

Wished you could practice what you learned?

Wished you could practice with an instructor there like you did in class?

Now you can.  The Range is now offering Basic Handgun Practice nights.  Come on down, rent a lane and practice what you learned in class.  Our instructors will be there to offer assistance and answer questions. 

$10 to rent a lane and practice with instructors on site. Registration not required. but you can sign up to reserve your spot.  Join us for Basic Handgun Practice.  See you at The Range


Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, this class is full and enrollment is now closed

Action Shooting League Level 1

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Action Shooting League- your chance to get past the static firing line, and experience moving and shooting in a dynamic environment designed to push your shooting skills! Designed for shooters of all levels and abilities, shooters who have shot competitively and shooters who have never done more than stand and shoot.

This is not a serious event- come with your friends and see who does the best! We try not to take ourselves too seriously, so if you just want to have fun, come out to ASL every 1st and 3rd Wednesday night.

We do a single-bay, toned-down Action Shooting League for those who just want to get their feet wet, or are nervous to try it. Instructors are on hand to give tips, and we have found that the other shooters can be some of the most friendly people around.

Action Shooting Basics- 1st and 3rd wednesday each month 6pm-7:30pm

Cost and Info:

- Cost: $10
- Round Count: Varies between 50-100 rounds needed for pistol
- Membership discounts: Basic Members $5, Unlimited Members FREE! 
- Eye protection and ear protection required
- Holster recommended 


Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, this class is full and enrollment is now closed

.General Concealed Carry Level 1.

General Concealed Carry 1


The General Concealed Carry Class is a combination of our Basic Handgun class and a conversation about the laws concerning concealed carry in Washington State.

The first portion will be a conversation about the laws concerning concealed carry in our state, situational awareness, armed decision making and dealing with the Police both before and after a shooting event.  We will also cover the fundamentals of safe firearm handling, loading & unloading, proper grip & stance, target acquisition, trigger control and different holster options and carry locations.  Then there will be live fire (in our climate-controlled indoor range) practice of what each student has learned.  

This is a great class for anyone interested in concealed carry & basic handgun skills.



Safety brief and safe gun handling procedures and techniques

Firearms Safety

Learning to be armed in public

Fundamentals of shooting

Overview of students' guns, action types, controls, features and maintenance

Loading and Unloading


Ready positions


Speed and progression of training will depend on the number of students and their skill level though the basis of the course will always remain the same




2 magazines or the ability to have 5-15 rounds per training iteration 

Comfortable clothing suitable for standing long periods of time. Open toed shoes or low cut clothing are not acceptable for training.
Hearing and Eye protection (wrap around eye protection recommended)


Ammunition, 100 rounds



Gun and gear rentals are available for use during class. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time of training to be fitted for proper firearm and gear needed for the class. All firearms rented must be accompanied by our ammo. No outside ammo is allowed through rental firearms.  


General Concealed Carry (2 Hours)





*Registering for a class constitutes an agreement to attend the class in which you enroll. After your class enrollment tuition payments are not refundable, but those funds may be applied to a future class with at least one week’s advanced notification. Emergencies are handled on a case-by-case basis. Call with questions 509-571-1449 between 11a.m. and 7p.m. Tuesday-Sunday or email Chris@therangellc.com

6pm-8pm Instructor: Dave Kellett

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, this class is full and enrollment is now closed

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