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Frequently Asked Questions, and Frequently Given Answers!

Q: Can I bring my own gun or do I have to rent from you?
A: Absolutely, you can bring your own gun. Bring you gun's family and friends too.

Q: Do I have to be a member to shoot at The Range?
A: Nope. Members do, however, get preference over non-members, access to other features of the facility, and invitations to special Member-only events.

Q: Can I shoot my own ammunition?
A: Yes. The only ammunition we don't allow in The Range is Armor Piercing (AP, or green-tipped), tracer (red tipped), or incendiary (fire-starting) rounds. If you rent a gun, you do need to use our ammunition. That allows us to control what type of ammo is going through the firearms.

Q: Can I shoot rifle, pistol, or what?
A: Our range is state-of-the-art, and the entire range is actually rated for a .50BMG. However, shooting one of those indoors is not a good idea, overpressure and concussion can cause bloody noses, cracked jaws, general misery and pain, and even the loss of your friends. Because of these (not very) scientific reasons, we cap rifles at .308win, except at the discretion of the Range Officer on duty.

Q: What if I've never shot a gun before?
A: Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and will gladly help you with all of your questions. Additionally, we have instructors on-hand who can help you with all of your training questions.

Q: How long is your range?
A: 33 yards.

Q: What do I have to do to shoot at The Range?
A: You walk in, sign a little waiver and check some boxes, watch an ~8 minute safety video, and you'll be shooting in no time! Watch this video here to see it in action.




Posted on November 14, 2014

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